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MUST READ: Hello welcome to the Official FIFA 13 FUT- Coin Generator website, we are totally legit and there should be no worry of being scammed as we have a program installed to stop any automated hacking to give you a safe experience. Our aim is to provide 100,000 FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins to users on all PC, PS3 and XBOX 360. Anyone who has a legit FIFA 13 Ultimate Team account and provides the needed information will eligible for this Generator. If coins do not come through simply fill out the provided questions again and I'm sure they will be there 48 hours after the questions have been filled out again, this could happen due to the notification email failing to reach us. The questions to complete the request for 100,000 coins are at the bottom of the page, thanks from all of here at Official FIFA 13 FUT - Coin Generator for using this website for your team.

Some of our past customer responses to our coin generator results. 

"Amazing, this coin generator has helped my team up to a full premium gold team + some in form players, so thanks again :D"

"Well done m8 finally somebody has made a legit generator !!!"

These responses were directly copied from our response emails.

 100,000 FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins will be added to the account that information is provided for.

In-form Players! 

 Team of the Year Players!!

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Note: XBOX 360, PC have been known to cause problems to generators, PS3 accounts are very likely to succeed as they are much easier to access.

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Note: All users must have atleast 10k as there will be less suspicion which means there will be no chance of been banned, thanks.

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